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EmptyCrate Jason Turner's blog with articles about C++, Concurrency and the excellent C++ Weekly podcast.
Jason is an independend contractor and trainer.
Sutterʼs Mill Herb Sutterʼs blog; news about C++ standardization and Guru Of The Week article series
Herb is the author of Exceptional C++ and more books.
Bartek's Coding Blog Bartolomej Filipek's blog about C++ and native programming. He's the author of the book C++17 in detail.
foonathan::blog() Jonathan Müllerʼs blog about modern C++ techniques and libraries.
Eric Niebler Eric Nieblerʼs blog
Eric is the lead author of the ranges library which is the origin of the C++20's std::ranges facilities.
Simplify C++ Arne Mertzʼs blog about modern C++ with various articles on how to write simpler and cleaner code.
Barry Revzin's Blog Articles mostly about newer features and the evolution of C++.
Arthur O’Dwyer Arthur O’Dwyer's blog
Sy Brand Sy Brand's blog
Fluent{C++} Jonathan Boccara's blog about writing modern C++; he also wrote a book about dealing with legacy code
The View From Aristeia Scott Meyerʼs blog
Scott is the author of several excellent C++ books like Effective Modern C++, Effective C++ and Effective STL.
Marius Bancila's Blog Various articles about C++ and other programming stuff.
Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog C++ tutorials, C and C++ news, and information about Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Vcpkg from the Microsoft C++ team.
C++ Truths A blog about various C++ topics including language features, standards, idioms, design patterns, functional, and object oriented programming.
C++ Tips of the Week Series of articles about C++ and the Abseil library.
POCO Libraries Blog News and discussion for the POCO community.
Thinking Asynchronously in C++ Blog of the author of Boost.Asio.
/* Rambling Comments… */ Len Holgate's blog about C++ development on the Windows platforms and various other less technical stuff.
Andrzej's C++ blog Some nice articles about C++.