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    Roughly sorted by usefulness to learners and "up-to-date-ness".

    Meeting C++ Blogroll Weekly list of new C++-related articles, videos, library updates, etc.
    Fluent{C++} Jonathan Boccara's blog about writing modern C++; regularly updated. He also wrote a book about dealing with legacy code.

    C++ Stories

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    Bartłomiej Filipek's blog about C++ and native programming; updated at least once a week. He's the author of C++17 in Detail .
    EmptyCrate Jason Turner's blog with articles about C++, Concurrency and links to the excellent C++ Weekly video series.
    Jason is an independent contractor and trainer and author of C++ Best Practices .
    Sutterʼs Mill Herb Sutterʼs blog; you should check out the excellent Guru Of The Week article series!
    Herb is the author of Exceptional C++ and more books. He also posts news about C++ standardization.
    Andreas Fertig's Blog Articles about C++; Andreas is the creator of C++ Insights , a source-to-source transformation tool that makes behind-the-scenes compiler magic visible and understandable.
    Modernes C++ Rainer Grimm's Blog; Rainer is the author of (mostly German) C++ programming books and articles
    C++ Tips of the Week Series of articles about C++ fundamentals, best practices and the Abseil library.
    Arthur O’Dwyer Arthur O’Dwyer's blog about various C++-related topics
    foonathan::blog() Jonathan Müllerʼs blog about modern C++ techniques and libraries
    The code_report Blog Conor Hoekstra's blog about programming languages, algorithms and C++
    Walletfox's Tiny Cheatsheets Ruzena Gurkaynak's site with collection of nice infographics, slide decks about functional programming in C++ and articles about using the rangesv3 library
    Simplify C++ Arne Mertzʼs blog about modern C++ with various articles on how to write simpler and cleaner code.
    Oleksandr Koval's Blog Articles about C++, CMake, Clang Tools, etc. Has a really nice overview of all C++20 core language features with examples
    Sandor Dargo's Blog Articles about C++ and programming in general.
    Cppuniverse Wesley Shillingford's blog about Modern C++; has a nice collection of C++20-related programming items
    Victor Zverovich's Blog Viktor is the main author of the {fmt} library which is the basis of std::format .
    The Coding Nest Martin Hořeňovský's blog
    Marius Băncilă's Blog Various articles about C++ and other programming stuff.
    IT Hare's C++ blog Some great articles about fundamental aspects of C++.
    cor3ntin Corentin Jabot's blog about C++ and standardization in particular.
    Special Interest Group on C++ Maintains a collection of coding challenges / exercises.
    Solarian Programmer Paul Silisteanu's blog about C++ programming, mostly with a focus on Windows.
    The Coding Nest Lesley Lai's blog about C++ and other programming stuff.
    Barry Revzin's Blog Articles mostly about newer features and the evolution of C++.
    Eric Niebler Eric Nieblerʼs blog
    Eric is the lead author of the ranges library which is the origin of the C++20's std::ranges facilities.
    vector Of bool Blog about various C++ topics.
    Sy Brand Sy Brand's blog; Sy is a Microsoft Developer Advocate and #include<C++> organizer
    Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog C++ tutorials, C and C++ news, and information about Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Vcpkg from the Microsoft C++ team.
    The Old New Thing Raymond Chen's blog @ Microsoft with a lot of C++-related articles; updated daily
    POCO Libraries Blog News and discussion for the POCO community.
    Preshing on Programming Jeff Preshing's blog
    Panicsoftware Dawid Pilarski's blog
    Video Cortex Adi Shavit's blog
    Vorbrodt's C++ Blog Martin Vorbrodt's blog
    Why is a raven like a writing desk Ben Deane's blog
    Belay The C++ Thomas Lourseyre's blog about bad (and sometimes good) C++ programming practices
    Kate Gregory's Blog
    Andrzej's C++ Blog
    Shafik Yaghmour's Blog
    Michael Park's Blog
    Mathieu Ropert's Blog
    Eli Bendersky's Blog
    artificial::mind Philip Trettner's blog about graphics, C++, optimizations and more
    Embedded Artistry's Blog
    Honza Hubička's Blog
    Ivan Čukić's Blog
    Radek Vít's Blog C++, Rust, concurrency, software design
    craft::cpp Marin Peko's blog
    @bitwiseshift on software Matthew Rodusek's blog
    Asymmetric Transfer Lewis Baker's blog
    General Protection Fault C++, graphics, assembly
    Krister Walfridsson’s Blog Random thoughts on programming languages, compilers, operating systems, etc.
    Manu Sanchez's Blog
    Petr Zemek's Blog
    CppDepend Blog
    Ray Zhang's Blog C++, math, algorithms, machine learning and general CS topics
    Experimental Chill Danila Kutenin's Blog
    Shorne in Japan Stafford Horne's Blog
    Aras Pranckevičius's Blog
    Alex Reinking's Blog
    Isabella Muerte's Blog
    Stefan Gränitz's Blog mostly about LLVM-related stuff
    Denis Bakhvalov Denis is a blogger, speaker and author of "Performance Analysis And Tuning on Modern CPUs"
    jrb-programming John Bandela's blog
    Nathan Reed's Blog
    Kyle Halladay's Blog
    offlinemark Mark Mossberg's blog
    Embedded in Academia John Regehr's blog
    Raymii.org Remy van Elst's blog
    Dominik Berner's Blog
    Vittorio Romeo's Blog
    Timur Doumler's Blog C++ standardization and audio processing
    Christopher Di Bella's Blog C++ evolution / standardization
    C++ Truths about various C++ topics including language features, standards, idioms, design patterns, functional, and object oriented programming
    Rambling Comments Len Holgate's blog about C++ development on the Windows platforms and various other less technical stuff.
    The View From Aristeia Scott Meyerʼs blog
    Scott is the author of several excellent C++ books like Effective Modern C++ , Effective C++ and Effective STL . Very few updates nowadays since Scott has retired from C++.
    Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe Mostly about functional programming, category theory, etc. nowadays. Still very interesting (not only) to C++ programmers and of very high quality.