C++ Community Resources C++ Community Resources C++ Community

    Language References

    • community-curated standard library and language reference
    • C++98 - C++20 and technical specifications (TS)
    • C89 - C17
    • many (runnable) examples

    Offline documentation browser for

    • C++ and C docs from cppreference.com
    • Boost, Qt4, Qt5, Qt6 docs
    • Python docs
    • … and many other languages, tools and libraries

    The browser tree could be improved, unfortunately C++ entities are not properly categorized into concepts, types, etc.

    Ivan Čukić wrote a nice script that allows fuzzy browsing of Zeal resources from the command line.

    A tool that parses archived HTML files from cppreference and generates groff-formatted manual pages for Unix-based systems.

    Learning Resources

    • Learn C++

      Very detailed introductory tutorial. Since it has been in existence for over 10 years now some parts are written with older C++ standards and programming styles in mind, but it seems to be continuously updated and modernized.

    Social Media

    • C++ Weekly

      Jason Turner's excellent video series about various C++ topics, best practices, etc.

    • CopperSpice C++

      great series of educational videos by Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

    • C++ Standard Algorithms Video Series

      by Conor Hoekstra

    • CodeBlacksmith

      short explanations of various programming topics; does also have a playlist with Modern C++ topics

    • The Cherno

      Yan Chernikov's YouTube Channel about various programming related topics; does also have a playlist about C++

    • C++ Insights

      video series about how compilers handle various C++ language constructs by Andreas Fertig




    User Groups

    Australia Melbourne Melbourne C++ Meetup
    Australia Sydney Sydney C++ Meetup
    China 北京 (Beijing) Beijing C++ User Group
    India ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು (Bengaluru) Bangalore C/C++ Meetup
    India पुणे (Pune) Pune C++ and Boost Meetup
    Japan 東京 (Tokyo) C/C++ Meetup Tokyo
    Singapore 新加坡 C++ Singapore
    Singapore சிங்கப்பூர் Qt Singapore
    New Zealand Auckland Auckland C++ Meetup
    Belarus Мінск (Minsk) C++ CoreHard.by
    Bulgaria София (Sofia) C++ User Group Sofia
    Czech Republic Praha Avast C++ Meetup
    Denmark Åarhus Aarhus C++ User group
    Denmark København Copenhagen C++ Meetup
    France Montpellier Développeurs C++ à Montpellier
    France Paris User Group C++ Francophone
    Germany Aachen C++ User Group Aachen
    Germany Berlin C++ User Group Berlin
    Germany Berlin Berlin Qt Meetup
    Germany Bochum pottcpp.de C++ User Group Ruhrgebiet
    Germany Bremen C++ User Group Bremen
    Germany Dresden C++ User Group Dresden
    Germany Düsseldorf C++ User Group Düsseldorf
    Germany Hamburg C++ User Group Hamburg
    Germany Hannover C++ User Group Hannover
    Germany Karlsruhe C++ User Group Karlsruhe
    Germany München C++ User Group München
    Germany München Qt Munich Meetup
    Germany Stuttgart Qt Meetup Ludwigsburg Stuttgart
    Hungary Budapest Hungarian C++ Community
    Ireland Dublin C++ User Group Dublin
    Italy Emilia-Romagna Italian C++ Community
    Italy Udine C++ User Group Udine
    Latvia Rīga C++ Latvia
    Macedonia Скопје (Skopje) C++ User Group Macedonia
    Netherlands Amsterdam The Dutch C++ Group
    Norway Oslo Oslo C++ Users Group
    Norway Oslo Oslo Qt Users
    Poland Gdańsk Gdańsk C++ Users group
    Poland Kraków C++ User Group Kraków
    Poland Warszawa Warsaw C++ Users
    Poland Wrocław Wro.cpp
    Portugal Lisboa Meetup de C/C++ Lisboa
    Romania Romania C++ User Group
    Romania Craiova Craiova C++ User Group
    Romania Iași Iași C/C++ Developers Meetup
    Russia Москва (Moscow) Moscow C++ User Group
    Russia Санкт-Петербург (St. Petersburg) St. Petersburg C++ User Group
    Serbia Београд (Belgrade) Serbian C++ User Group
    Spain Barcelona C++ Programmer Meetup
    Spain Madrid C/C++ | Madrid
    Sweden Göteborg Göteborg C++ Programming Meetup
    Sweden Malmö Malmö C++ User Group
    Sweden Stockholm Sweden C++
    Switzerland Luzern C++ User Group Central Switzerland
    Switzerland Zürich C++ User Group Zürich
    Turkey Istanbul C++ User Group Istanbul-cppturkey.org
    UK Bristol ACCU Bristol
    UK Cambridge ACCU Cambridge
    UK London ACCU London
    UK London C++ London
    UK London C++ London University
    UK London JUCE C++ Meetups
    UK Oxford ACCU Oxford
    UK Edinburgh C++ Edinburgh
    Israel חֵיפָה (Haifa) Haifa:C++
    Israel מְבַשֶּׂרֶת צִיּוֹן (Mevaseret Zion) Core C++
    Canada Kitchener KW::C++
    Canada Montreal C++ Montréal
    Canada Toronto Toronto C++ User Group
    USA Ann Arbor Ann Arbor C++ Meetup
    USA Atlanta Atlanta C++ Meetup
    USA Austin Austin C/C++ Meetup
    USA Boston Boston C++ Meetup
    USA Chicago Chicago C/C++ Users Group
    USA Denver North Denver Metro C++ Meetup
    USA El Dorado Hills El Dorado Hills C++ Meetup
    USA Houston Houston C++ User Group
    USA Las Vegas The Las Vegas C/C++ Meetup Group
    USA Minneapolis Twin Cities C / C++ / Assembly / Embedded / OSDev Meetup
    USA New York New York C++ Developers Group
    USA North Carolina Triangle C++ Developers Group
    USA Orange County OC Qt/QML
    USA Portland PDXCPP: The Portland C++ User Group
    USA Saint Louis Saint Louis C/C++ Meetup
    USA Salt Lake City Utah C++ Programmers
    USA San Diego San Diego C++ User Group
    USA San Francisco Area ACCU Bay Area
    USA Seattle Northwest C++ Users Group
    Brazil São Paulo C & C++ Brasil
    Brazil Florianópolis C++ CoreHard.by
    Colombia Cali Cali C++ Meetup Group

    ISO Standard(ization)

    ISO C++ Standards (Working Drafts) ISO Std.