C++ Community Resources C++ Community Resources C++ Community

    Language References References References

    • community-curated standard library and language reference
    • C++98 - C++20 and technical specifications (TS)
    • C89 - C17
    • many (runnable) examples
    cplusplus.com standard library reference with examples, C++98 - C++14

    ISO C++ Standard (Working Papers) ISO Standard (Working Papers) ISO Std.

    Guidelines & Best Practices Guidelines Guides

    Core Guidelines programming guidelines for professional C++ developers; by Bjarne Stroustrup, Herb Sutter and many others
    C++ Best Practices by Jason Turner
    C++ Idioms repository of C++ idioms / design patterns
    C++ Patterns community-curated repository of C++ patterns and code snippets

    Social Media Social

    CppCast hosted by Rob Irving and Jason Turner
    Cpp.chat hosted by Jon Kalb and Phil Nash
    C++ Weekly excellent series of videos about various C++ topics, best practices, etc. by Jason Turner
    ADSP: The Podcast new podcast about algorithms and everything software related hosted by Bryce Adelstein Lelbach and Conor Hoekstra
    Two's Complement new podcast about (C++) programming hosted by Ben Rady & Matt Godbolt
    No Diagnostic Required new podcast about C++ by JetBrains


    Meeting C++ Blogroll Weekly list of new C++-related articles, videos, library updates, etc.
    EmptyCrate Jason Turner's blog with articles about C++, Concurrency and links to the excellent C++ Weekly episodes.
    Jason is an independent contractor and trainer.
    Sutterʼs Mill Herb Sutterʼs blog; news about C++ standardization and Guru Of The Week article series
    Herb is the author of Exceptional C++ and more books.
    Bartek's Coding Blog Bartłomiej Filipek's blog about C++ and native programming. He's the author of the book C++17 in detail.
    foonathan::blog() Jonathan Müllerʼs blog about modern C++ techniques and libraries.
    Arthur O’Dwyer Arthur O’Dwyer's blog about various C++-related topics
    Andreas Fertig's Blog Articles about C++; Andreas is the creator of the C++ Insights source-to-source transformation tool that makes behind-the-scenes compiler magic visible and understandable.
    Walletfox's Tiny cheatsheets for C++11/14/17 Ruzena Gurkaynak's site with collection of nice infographics, slide decks about functional programming in C++ and articles about using the rangesv3 library
    Fluent{C++} Jonathan Boccara's blog about writing modern C++; he also wrote a book about dealing with legacy code
    Simplify C++ Arne Mertzʼs blog about modern C++ with various articles on how to write simpler and cleaner code.
    Sandor Dargo's Blog Articles about C++ and programming in general.
    C++ Tips of the Week Series of articles about C++ fundamentals, best practices and the Abseil library.
    Cppuniverse Wesley Shillingford's Blog about Modern C++; has a nice collection of C++20-related programming items
    Victor Zverovich's Blog Viktor is the main author of the {fmt} library which is the basis of std::format .
    The Coding Nest Martin Hořeňovský's Blog
    Marius Băncilă's Blog Various articles about C++ and other programming stuff.
    IT Hare's C++ blog Some great articles about fundamental aspects of C++.
    cor3ntin Corentin Jabot's Blog about C++ and standardization in particular.
    Special Interest Group on C++ Maintains a collection of coding challenges / exercises.
    Solarian Programmer Paul Silisteanu's blog about C++ programming, mostly with a focus on Windows.
    The Coding Nest Lesley Lai's Blog about C++ and other programming stuff.
    Barry Revzin's Blog Articles mostly about newer features and the evolution of C++.
    Modernes C++ Rainer Grimm's Blog; Rainer is author of (mostly German) C++ programming books and articles
    Eric Niebler Eric Nieblerʼs blog
    Eric is the lead author of the ranges library which is the origin of the C++20's std::ranges facilities.
    vector Of bool Blog about various C++ topics.
    Sy Brand Sy Brand's blog; Sy is a Microsoft Developer Advocate and #include<C++> organizer
    Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog C++ tutorials, C and C++ news, and information about Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Vcpkg from the Microsoft C++ team.
    The Old New Thing Raymond Chen's blog @ Microsoft with a lot of C++-related articles; updated daily
    POCO Libraries Blog News and discussion for the POCO community.
    Video Cortex Adi Shavit's blog
    Vorbrodt's C++ Blog Martin Vorbrodt's blog
    Why is a raven like a writing desk Ben Deane's blog
    Shafik Yaghmour's Blog
    Michael Park's Blog
    Mathieu Ropert's Blog
    Andrzej's C++ Blog
    Eli Bendersky's Blog
    Embedded Artistry's Blog
    Honza Hubička's Blog
    Ivan Čukić's Blog
    Krister Walfridsson’s Blog
    Manu Sanchez's Blog
    Petr Zemek's Blog
    CppDepend Blog
    Denis Bakhvalov Denis is a blogger, speaker and author of "Performance Analysis And Tuning on Modern CPUs"
    offlinemark Mark Mossberg's Blog
    Embedded in Academia John Regehr's Blog
    C++ Truths A blog about various C++ topics including language features, standards, idioms, design patterns, functional, and object oriented programming.
    /* Rambling Comments… */ Len Holgate's blog about C++ development on the Windows platforms and various other less technical stuff.
    Dominik Berner's Blog
    The View From Aristeia Scott Meyerʼs blog
    Scott is the author of several excellent C++ books like Effective Modern C++ , Effective C++ and Effective STL .


    CppCon The C++ Conference (USA)
    Meeting C++ Home of the Germany-based Meeting C++ conference and community platform.
    C++ Now C++ conference based in Aspen, Colorado
    C++OnSea UK-based C++ Conference
    Pacific++ C++ conference based in Sidney, Australia
    emBO++ C++ Conference with a focus on embedded systems based in Bochum, Germany
    ACCU Conference conference mostly about C and C++ but also other programming languages based in Bristol, UK
    NDC Conferences series of programming conferences held at varying places all over the world; not only about C++
    Code::Dive conference sponsored by NOKIA based in Wrocław, Poland; not only about C++
    Code Europe Poland-based programming conference; not only about C++

    Organizations Orgs

    Standard C++ Foundation Not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.
    The C++ Alliance Funds and supports educational resources and initiatives, evolves C++ through expertly maintained code libraries.
    #include <C++> A community for developers interested in C++ that aims to be inclusive and welcoming. Runs a discord server .
    Special Interest Group on C++ The primary goal of the SIG is to learn, teach, and practice software design and implementation in C++.

    User Groups

    Australia Melbourne Melbourne C++ Meetup
    Australia Sydney Sydney C++ Meetup
    China 北京 (Beijing) Beijing C++ User Group
    India ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು (Bengaluru) Bangalore C/C++ Meetup
    India पुणे (Pune) Pune C++ and Boost Meetup
    Japan 東京 (Tokyo) C/C++ Meetup Tokyo
    Singapore 新加坡 C++ Singapore
    Singapore சிங்கப்பூர் Qt Singapore
    New Zealand Auckland Auckland C++ Meetup
    Belarus Мінск (Minsk) C++ CoreHard.by
    Belgium Various Places BeC++
    Bulgaria София (Sofia) C++ User Group Sofia
    Czech Republic Praha Avast C++ Meetup
    Denmark Åarhus Aarhus C++ User group
    Denmark København Copenhagen C++ Meetup
    France Montpellier Développeurs C++ à Montpellier
    France Montpellier Qt Meetup Montpellier
    France Nantes Nantes C++ Meetup
    France Paris User Group C++ Francophone
    Germany Aachen C++ User Group Aachen
    Germany Berlin C++ User Group Berlin
    Germany Berlin Berlin Qt Meetup
    Germany Bochum pottcpp.de C++ User Group Ruhrgebiet
    Germany Bremen C++ User Group Bremen
    Germany Dresden C++ User Group Dresden
    Germany Düsseldorf C++ User Group Düsseldorf
    Germany Hamburg C++ User Group Hamburg
    Germany Hannover C++ User Group Hannover
    Germany Karlsruhe C++ User Group Karlsruhe
    Germany München C++ User Group München
    Germany München Qt Munich Meetup
    Germany Rhein-Main-Neckar C++ User Group Rhein-Neckar/Rhein-Main
    Germany Stuttgart Qt Meetup Ludwigsburg Stuttgart
    Hungary Budapest Hungarian C++ Community
    Ireland Dublin C++ User Group Dublin
    Italy Emilia-Romagna Italian C++ Community
    Italy Udine C++ User Group Udine
    Latvia Rīga C++ Latvia
    Macedonia Скопје (Skopje) C++ User Group Macedonia
    Netherlands Amsterdam The Dutch C++ Group
    Norway Oslo Oslo C++ Users Group
    Norway Oslo Oslo Qt Users
    Poland Gdańsk Gdańsk C++ Users group
    Poland Kraków C++ User Group Kraków
    Poland Warszawa Warsaw C++ Users
    Poland Wrocław Wro.cpp
    Portugal Lisboa Meetup de C/C++ Lisboa
    Romania Romania C++ User Group
    Romania Cluj-Napoca Qt Cluj
    Romania Craiova Craiova C++ User Group
    Romania Iași Iasi C/C++ Developers Meetup
    Russia Москва (Moscow) Moscow C++ User Group
    Russia Санкт-Петербург (St. Petersburg) St. Petersburg C++ User Group
    Serbia Београд (Belgrade) Serbian C++ User Group
    Spain Barcelona C++ Programmer Meetup
    Spain Madrid C/C++ | Madrid
    Sweden Göteborg Göteborg C++ Programming Meetup
    Sweden Malmö Malmö C++ User Group
    Sweden Stockholm Sweden C++
    Switzerland Luzern C++ User Group Central Switzerland
    Switzerland Zürich C++ User Group Zürich
    Turkey Istanbul C++ User Group Istanbul-cppturkey.org
    UK Birmingham Birmingham C/C++ Meetup
    UK Bristol ACCU Bristol
    UK Cambridge ACCU Cambridge
    UK London ACCU London
    UK London C++ London
    UK London C++ London University
    UK London JUCE C++ Meetups
    UK Oxford ACCU Oxford
    UK Edinburgh C++ Edinburgh
    Israel חֵיפָה (Haifa) Haifa:C++
    Israel מְבַשֶּׂרֶת צִיּוֹן (Mevaseret Zion) Core C++
    Canada Kitchener KW::C++
    Canada Montreal C++ Montréal
    Canada Toronto Toronto C++ User Group
    USA Ann Arbor Ann Arbor C++ Meetup
    USA Atlanta Atlanta C++ Meetup
    USA Austin Austin C/C++ Meetup
    USA Boston Boston C++ Meetup
    USA Chicago Chicago C/C++ Users Group
    USA Denver North Denver Metro C++ Meetup
    USA El Dorado Hills El Dorado Hills C++ Meetup
    USA Houston Houston C++ User Group
    USA Las Vegas The Las Vegas C/C++ Meetup Group
    USA Minneapolis Twin Cities C / C++ / Assembly / Embedded / OSDev Meetup
    USA New York New York C++ Developers Group
    USA North Carolina Triangle C++ Developers Group
    USA Orange County OC Qt/QML
    USA Portland PDXCPP: The Portland C++ User Group
    USA Saint Louis Saint Louis C/C++ Meetup
    USA Salt Lake City Utah C++ Programmers
    USA San Diego San Diego C++ User Group
    USA San Francisco Area ACCU Bay Area
    USA Seattle Northwest C++ Users Group
    Brazil São Paulo C & C++ Brasil
    Brazil Florianópolis C++ CoreHard.by
    Colombia Cali Cali C++ Meetup Group

    ISO Standard(ization) ISO

    ISO WG21 International Standards Organization JTC1/SC22/WG21; The C++ Standards Committee
    C++ Standard Draft Draft Sources Github Repository
    ISO C++ Standards Committee Papers the latest C++ standardization papers