People In The C++ Community People In The C++ Community C++ People

    An incomplete list of people that are somewhat well-known in the C++ community (book authors, bloggers, conference speakers, ...).

    Alexander Stepanov father of the STL; author (Elements of Programming )
    Andrei Alexandrescu author of some great C++ books; design & development of the D language; conference speaker
    Arthur O'Dwyer developer, blogger
    Bartłomiej Filipek runs a C++ blog and has written a book about programming in C++17
    Bjarne Stroustrup the creator of C++
    Bryce A. Lelbach CUDA C++ core library lead at NVIDIA; conference speaker
    Chandler Carruth developer at Google; conference speaker
    Conor Hoekstra Library Software Engineer at NVIDIA.
    Eric Niebler developer at Facebook; lead author of the ranges-v3 library which was/is the basis for the C++20's std::ranges facilities
    Herb Sutter author of Exceptional C++ and more books; chairs the ISO WG21 standardization committee
    Hana Dusíková developer; conference speaker; author of Compile Time Regular Expressions Library
    Jason Turner host of C++ Weekly ; co-host of CppCast
    Jens Weller Founder and organizer of the Meeting C++ conference.
    Jon Kalb chairs C++ conferences (CppCon , C++ Now ); member of the Boost steering committee
    Jonathan Boccara blogger; author of the book "The Legacy Programmer's Toolbox"
    Jonathan Müller blogger
    Matt Godbolt hosts the excellent Compiler Explorer ; conference speaker
    Rob Irving co-host of CppCast
    Odin Holmes embedded engineer; conference speaker
    Scott Meyers author of several excellent C++ books like Effective Modern C++ , Effective C++ and Effective STL .
    Sean Parent engineer at Adobe; conference speaker
    Sy Brand blogger; conference speaker
    Stephan T. Lavavej maintains Microsoft's standard library; conference speaker; maintains a batteries included MinGW distribution
    Titus Winters C++ library lead at google; involved in C++ standardization;
    Tony Van Eerd member of ISO C++ committee; inventor of Tony Tables
    Victor Zverovich main author of the {fmt} library which is the basis of std::format