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    GNU g++
    LLVM clang++

    download page

    Microsoft Visual C++

    Only newer versions are largely conforming to the modern ISO C++ standard(s).

    Intel ICC
    Embarcadero C++ Compiler

    bundled with C++Builder

    Oracle C++ Compiler

    bundled with Oracle Developer Studio

    IBM XL C++

    Web Compilers

    Compiler Explorer

    • lets you run code through many different compilers
    • shows nicely annotated assembly output
    • lots of compilers with lots of different versions, also with experimental features
    • supports several popular libraries (ranges, {fmt}, …)
    • great text editor with multiple cursors, VIM mode, dark mode, …
    • code round-trip between Compiler Explorer, C++ Insights and Quick Bench possible
    • gcc
    • clang
    • C++03 - C++2a
    • Boost
    C++ shell
    • gcc 4.9
    • Boost 1.55
    • C++03 - 14
    • C++14