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    Visual Studio Code
    • nice modern UI
    • thriving extension ecosystem
    • origin of the Language Server Protocol
    • highly configurable VIM plugin with surround, easymotion, highlightedyank, …

    A classic and insanely powerful.

    Has quite a steep learning curve, but the modal editing paradigm is really worth learning. Only real drawback: once you grok it, you want VIM-style editing everywhere.

    highly customizable, large plugin ecosystem

    • a refactor of VIM and mostly compatible with it
    • integrated LSP support planned for the next major release

    Also a classic; also super powerful.

    Sublime Text
    • sleek UI
    • probably the fastest of all text editors
    • highly customizable, large plugin ecosystem
    • nice UI
    • customizable, large plugin ecosystem
    • sometimes a bit sluggish

    A classic in the Windows world. Quite OK, but not as powerful as the other editors in this list.