Integrated Development Environments IDEs IDEs

    editing, formatting, analysis, debugging, …
    Qt Creator
    • quite beginner-friendly
    • very responsive UI
    • has a VIM emulation mode (could be better, but it works)
    JetBrains CLion
    • lots of features
    • highly customizable, modern UI
    • uses CMake as project model, however recent versions can also use traditional Makefiles
    • has a VIM emulation mode (could be better, but it works)
    • can be a bit slow for very large projects
    • can be quite overwhelming for beginners
    • free for students
    Microsoft Visual Studio
    • packed with features; very good autocompletion and code analysis
    • large ecosystem of third-party plugins
    • project setup and compiler configuration can be a bit overwhelming for beginners
    • Make sure to use the latest version, as only newer versions of the compiler are largely conforming to the modern ISO C++ standard(s).
    Embarcadero C++Builder

    Free Community Edition

    the free community edition includes a (very) small business commercial license
    Apple XCode
    Eclipse CDT
    • good static analysis & linting
    • supports several project build models: fully managed, Makefile-based, …
    • setup of compilers can be a bit confusing to beginners
    • great VIM emulation with Vrapper plugin
    • can be a bit slow for very large
    • UI feels a bit dated
    Embarcadero Dev-C++
    • quite beginner-friendly, very easy to set up
    • gcc integration, comes with bundled TDM-gcc
    • gprof integration
    • low memory consumption
    • UI feels a bit dated
    Android Studio
    based on JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA which is also the base of CLion
    • Eclipse-based IDE
    • some unique features regarding static analysis and refactoring, like e.g., visualizing template instantiations
    • can be a bit slow for very large projects
    OS X version is experimental
    Anjuta DevStudio

    GNOME-based IDE

    OS X version is outdated
    Oracle Developer Studio