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    C++ Learning Materials

    • C++ Super-FAQ

      continously updated wiki-based FAQ; a merger of Marshall Cline’s C++ FAQs and Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ FAQ

    • Learn C++

      Very detailed introductory tutorial. Since it has been in existence for over 10 years now some parts are written with older C++ standards and programming styles in mind, but it seems to be continously updated and modernized.

    • Elements of Programming

      freely available PDF of classic book by Alexander Stepanov and Paul McJones

    • C++ Code Quizzes

    C++ Video Series

    • C++ Weekly

      Jason Turner's excellent video series about various C++ topics, best practices, etc.

    • CopperSpice C++

      great series of educational videos by Barbara Geller and Ansel Sermersheim

    • C++ Standard Algorithms Video Series

      by Conor Hoekstra

    • CodeBlacksmith

      short explanations of various programming topics; does also have a playlist with Modern C++ topics

    • The Cherno

      Yan Chernikov's YouTube Channel about various programming related topics; does also have a playlist about C++

    • C++ Insights

      video series about how compilers handle various C++ language constructs by Andreas Fertig

    C++ Guidelines & Best Practices

    C++ Language References

    • cppreference

      • community-curated standard library and language reference
      • C++98 - C++20 and technical specifications (TS)
      • C89 - C17
      • many (runnable) examples

    C++ Conference Talks

    Tooling Tools

    Build Systems

    Version Control

    Command Line

    VIM (Usage & Scripting)



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