Web-Based Learning
Web-Based Learning


C++ Super-FAQ Continously updated wiki-based FAQ. A merger of Marshall Cline’s C++ FAQs and Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ FAQ.

Core Guidelines programming guidelines for professional C++ developers; by Bjarne Stroustrup,Herb Sutter and many others
C++ Best Practices by Jason Turner
C++ Idioms repository of C++ idioms / design patterns
C++ Patterns community-curated repository of C++ patterns and code snippets

Language References

cppreference standard library reference with examples, C++11/14/17/20; technical specifications
cplusplus standard library reference with examples, C++11 & C++14
HTML and PDF versions of the latest standard drafts and technical specifications.


Learn git Branching Interactive Tutorial
Cheat Sheets in Multiple Languages
git Branching Cheat Sheet
git Revisions Cheat Sheet
tig Commands Cheat Sheet

VIM (Usage & Scripting)

Learn Vimscript The Hard Way excellent step-by-step tutorial with examples and exercises
Vimscript Snippets short examples for how to use the most common vimscript functions