New Articles and Updates New Articles and Updates New Articles and Updates

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    What have I been up to?

    I improved the infrastructure for building this site substantially, so it will be easier to focus on creating and improving content with much less web design boilerplate.

    The visual appearance of some components and widgets has been improved for a smoother experience across all screen widths.

    New & updated pages

    Besides many small fixes and improvements on a lot of pages, the following articles got some noteworthy updates:

    Basic Custom Types / Classes full redesign
    Memory (Basics) major changes
    VIM Plugins added new plugins (see below)

    Some new(er) VIM plugins

    Some months ago I discovered three newer VIM plugins that you should definitly check out:

    • asynctasks.vim

      An asynchronous task runner that is based on simple task files. It is super easy to use and very well documented. You can define different build profiles (debug, release) including variants for different operating systems.

    • vim-visual-multi

      The first incarnation of multiple cursors in VIM that I like and find actually useful. It's substantially faster, less buggy, has better visual feedback and a lot more features than any of the older multi-cursor plugins for VIM.

      I know that there are some purists out there that claim you don't need multiple cursors in VIM. And that's partly true, but boy can they be convenient at times. It's like visual block mode on steroids. After a bit of customization this plugin quickly became my favorite way of mass-editing complex markup, LaTeX tables, etc.

    • vim-clap

      A new generic finder and dispatcher (like vim-fzf). Lets you fuzzy find files, commands, help topics, …

      Still very young, but seems very promising and works flawlessly (at least for me). It was also really easy to add new search providers for AsyncTasks and some other things I extended vim-fzf with.