This Site

    is a collection of various C++ learning resources. Most materials are aimed at beginners that know the basics of imperative programming but don't know C++ very well.

    Right now many articles are still based on slides taken from a C++ crash course that I gave a couple of times in the last few years (mainly for people with a Java or Python background).

    The first half of articles in the Beginner's Guide to C++ and some other topic articles, like, e.g., about argument dependent lookup are already laid out entirely as a proper html page with foldable sections, etc. My aim is to eventually convert all slide-based articles and expand the materials in depth and breadth.

    Special thanks to Thomas Kemmer and Orhan Kupusoglu for helping me with finding typos, errors and for providing constructive feedback.

    I am

    someone that likes to help other people learn new things.

    My work revolves around geometric packing optimization algorithms, bioinformatics (metagenomic short read mapping, alignments), high performance computing and more template metaprogramming than is probably healthy.

    Some of the free software and side projects that I've done during the last few years are on my github page .